Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walking Barefoot....

Walking barefoot along the sandy shore.
The gentle breeze tousles my hair and whispers in my ear.

My sheer gown, ripples and flows over my flesh like a lovers gentle touch.

I am alone and content to be so.

I am free to just be.

The cool waves lap at the sand. A sensual greeting that caresses my ankles and toes.

The world is alive around me.

I feel it pulsing to the rythem of my heart.

The breeze once again takes up its playful dance around me, tickling and teasing my body. Then scampers off to dance amoung the tree branches, making them sway and dip like hypnotic arabian dancers.

The worries and troubles have washed away with the tide.

Aware of only the world around me and its splendid beauty.

Noting only the rise and fall of my breath, and the steady beat of my heart.

I am at peace.

Alas, I awaken from this dream.

Back in my bed, with my husband sleeping contently beside me. The gentle breeze rustling the curtains in the open window. I smile. thankful to be alive and blessed with the life I have been given.

My Etsy Shop- Closed due to Shoulder Injury- Will Be Back Soon!!!!