Monday, January 17, 2011

You Let Me Down

We all tried so hard, to raise you up.
To give you strength, when you could not stand.
We struggled to be your rock, when you tried so hard to push us down.
We triumphed when you did. Celebrated even the small accomplishments.
We thought you really meant it, that you would really change.

But now we find that you betrayed us.
That our efforts were all for not
You drained us dry of all we had, and said it wasn't enough.
You threw away what we so suffered to give you,
like it didn't even matter.

I hope someday you truly realise, how much you broke our hearts
That giving up has hurt us, in a way you do not yet understand.

I hope someday you realise just what we sacrificed for you,
and see with clearer eyes, the devastation you have left behind.

Dedication: To my Sister, I hope you find the strength to overcome your demons

Monday, January 10, 2011

I Dream of the Sea...

My Zodiac sign is Pisces and I think it is strong this week. The theme in my thoughts seems to be the ocean, though I only just realised it today. My new avatar is a Penguin, both my recent blog posts had a theme of "tides", and the Mandala I just finished I did in all blues and greens. I also dreamed of tropical fish last night. They were swimming around my bedroom. I wonder what a dream interpretation would make of that.

To channel my ocean themed, I created a Etsy Treasury of Ocean related works of art. And here it is:

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