Sunday, November 8, 2009

Walking The Moss Path

These are photos I took of a walk in the woods with my mom and son. There are all these paths through the woods and fields behind my moms house.

It is a very enchanting place. I felt like if I had stayed still and quiet long enough, one of the woodland fairy folk might be seen, making their way through this beautiful place. I could have stayed forever, enjoying its beauty.

It reminded me of a place from my childhood home. Where my sisters and I would spend out hot summer days. Deep in the woods by the river bank we would play day in and day out. Building "hideouts" from the natural materials we found and swimming, floating and "fishing" in the river.

I long for those simple days, without a care in the world.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

I Want........

I want to shine.
like the brightest star or the warmest sun.
I want to stand in the spotlight for all to see, to be appreciated.

but I am afraid.
Afraid of being seen. Watched. All those eyes watching. Laughing. Analyzing. Picking apart my very soul.

Seeing my "flaws" in all of their raw glory. Would you still like me then? Would I be what you wanted to see me as?

Would I be what I wanted the world to see?

I want you to see me. Me in the corner who so desperately wants to stand on that stage and shine.

I want to feel real. Like I am making a difference, that what I am doing is not a pipe dream.

I want to take that leap, but I cannot see the bottom.
Who would I hurt if I never hit the bottom?

I want so much to shine

But I am afraid.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Walking Barefoot....

Walking barefoot along the sandy shore.
The gentle breeze tousles my hair and whispers in my ear.

My sheer gown, ripples and flows over my flesh like a lovers gentle touch.

I am alone and content to be so.

I am free to just be.

The cool waves lap at the sand. A sensual greeting that caresses my ankles and toes.

The world is alive around me.

I feel it pulsing to the rythem of my heart.

The breeze once again takes up its playful dance around me, tickling and teasing my body. Then scampers off to dance amoung the tree branches, making them sway and dip like hypnotic arabian dancers.

The worries and troubles have washed away with the tide.

Aware of only the world around me and its splendid beauty.

Noting only the rise and fall of my breath, and the steady beat of my heart.

I am at peace.

Alas, I awaken from this dream.

Back in my bed, with my husband sleeping contently beside me. The gentle breeze rustling the curtains in the open window. I smile. thankful to be alive and blessed with the life I have been given.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Words of Wisdom

Here is one of my favorite songs, with words I try to live by

If Today Was Your Last Day
by Nickelback

My Etsy Shop- Closed due to Shoulder Injury- Will Be Back Soon!!!!