Saturday, January 9, 2010

Finding New Breath

I have found a new breath.

A breath of hope.

A breath of peacefullness coming after a long journey through doubt and uncertainty.

So long I have walked. Through the pain of self doubt, and the pain of doubting in others faith.

I have sat in fear, so consumed by the "what if" I could scarcely breathe. sleep. eat.

It was terrible.

I have come out of that storm stronger then when I went in.

I have learned.

I have seen.

I am whole.

I have tossed aside those fears that have troubled me so.

I have seen what I could fix, and fixed it.

I have seen what I could not and let it be. I accepted.

I walk into a new year with my head held high, with a renewed sense of hope and pride. I have plans for me. good plans. strong plans. Nothing so bold as to be world altering, but just plans to make my life a better place for me to live.

I have found a new breath.

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