Monday, August 23, 2010

Taking a Wrong Turn

I just realised something. I am being....dare I say it... fake.


There I said it.

I noticed I was not being true to myself. I have been writing about kind, gentle, NEUTRAL things. I have been reading TOO MUCH business advice on Etsy and various other crafting sites about the "proper" way to run your craft based business. Don't write about controversal topics. Always talk about your art work and anything related to yor artwork/business etc...... Don't say or do anything to drive away potenial customers. it is all about making sales, making sales ,makings sales.
I have been spending months trying to write about nice(pathetic, but nice) topics. Well, screw nice I am not going to be neutral anymore. I am going to write about whatever I WANT. It is my work afterall. I have never cared what anyone thought of my opinions, why should I care about what others think of my work. It is MINE.

Speaking of work, that is another problem related to this superfakeynice funk I have been in. In stead of making the art that makes me happy and making whatever I damn well please, whenever I damn well want, I was being neutral, AGAIN. I was thinking "what will be popular? what will sell, sell ,sell? what is the "in" thing? what can I make that will get noticed? Because that is what everyone on Etsy, Artfire etc.... were talking about. I thought I had to too.


I did not paint pictures when I was 7 to make a profit!!!!!

I did not knit a pair of mittens in a funky color for the "in" thing.


I made it for ME. I made what I like. That is why I pursued my art in the FIRST PLACE!!!!!! I have totally forgotten why I do what I do. I make things for ME. The whole selling my art was an after thought. I was not interested in custom orders, and making 5,000 of the same crocheted hat. I want to make one-of-a-kind pieces, by me. From now on I am going to post my opinions(whether they be popular or not) MY own poetry, my stories or whatever.

"I Crazy Turtle do solemly swear to be more true to myself. To make whatever I damn well please, whenever I damn well want. I will not care if it is "in" or popular or a fast sell. I promise to always keep art first and business second. and that is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Bob."


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